Municipality of Piraeus

Municipality of Piraeus

Piraeus is an important center of economic activity and entrepreneurship for Greece. Particularly:

  • It is one of the two largest urban centers of the capital and the Metropolitan Area of Athens
  • It is the largest port in the country and one of the largest in the Mediterranean Sea
  • It is an intermediate place of transit for sea freight transport from abroad to Greece and for travelers visiting the Aegean islands
  • Many shipping companies have their headquarters in Peiraeus, a sector in which Greece has a very important presence internationally, while it also has many companies and activities supporting shipping
  • It attracts tourists and has a remarkable cultural heritage
  • It is home to two universities
  • It is connected by road and rail with the main transport axes of the country

The Municipality of Piraeus was one of the first municipalities to develop a comprehensive Blue Growth Strategy in order to strengthen the dynamic role of the city in the country's economy. The Strategy concerns entrepreneurship and innovation, job creation and growth in the sectors of the Blue Economy in Piraeus and its wider region.

It constitutes a comprehensive framework of actions for the development of the city as an innovative, competitive and resilient hub of the Blue Economy, with international orientation and scope.

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